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Garry Brannigan Abstract Painting Courses & Tuition
Garry Brannigan Abstract Painting Courses & Tuition

About Garry Brannigan

The creative process fascinates me and I have been leading successful artistic courses and workshops for 15 years. Initially this was through photography. Now I inspire others to express themselves, as I do, through the enjoyment of contemporary abstract painting.

While some people are self-motivated to produce their art, others find that the best way to discover a hidden talent is to involve someone else in their artistic process, someone who has the patience and expertise to gently build self-confidence through teaching, support and encouragement.

I believe strongly that everyone has within them the ability to be imaginative and inventive, but I have learned over my time as a tutor that there is no generic formula for discovering it.

Experience has also shown me that tuition works best when it is a two-way process, so I have always chosen to reduce the size of the group on my courses so there is plenty of opportunity for one-to-one teaching and interaction.

This means the cost of the course is perhaps higher than some others because of the restricted numbers, but the positive is you receive a greater amount of personalised tuition and learn much more than on courses with significantly larger groups.

I adore talking about art, painting and technique every bit as much as I like producing it myself, so during the courses there are only five painters in the studio so you can enjoy a high level of regular individual discussion, instruction and feedback from me on how your work is developing.

Opting for an individual rather than generic approach means each painter on the course creates a body of work unique to them and not a duplicate of everyone else in the group. More importantly, they leave the studio with a higher level of individual artistic expertise than when they arrived.

As a consequence, the creative pleasure of self-expression they achieve from their painting increases too, long after the course has finished.

And achieving lasting pleasure and enjoyment from a love of art is what I think it’s all about in the long run.

When I’m not running the courses I create my own contemporary abstract paintings which I exhibit and sell in festivals and exhibitions in the North of England.


Feedback on Garry’s creative courses

Thank you for such an enjoyable, stimulating and thought provoking course and also for your encouragement and patience. I learned so much. You have a natural ability to teach and you probably don’t realise yourself how inspirational your teaching style is.”
Asif Ali

I have spent my professional life either receiving or planning and delivering professional development courses; this Garry Brannigan course was probably the best. Actually, probably could be deleted from the sentence.”
Peter Dorman

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